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О компании TEKMAR ATE

“TEKMAR CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION” was established in 2005 in Ierapetra of Crete by the Construction Technologist Michalis Chatzakis, and it consists the development of his personal company “MICHALIS CHATZAKIS CONSTRUCTIONS”. The last one’s activities are focused in the sphere of constructions and Real Estate since 1980, having constructed an amount of structures and buildings, setting with its presence the standards of the modern residency.
TEKMAR ATE undertakes the execution of any kind of public or private construction in Greece but also every activity which is relevant to the sphere of constructions. Our company spares every condition, such as perennial experience, know-how, human resources, modern equipment, that is necessary in order to preserve the headship in the sphere of constructions.
Our corporation’s goal is to satisfy the customer, offering him products of high quality, paying deference to the environment and ensuring the security and durability of every construction. Thanks to the continual development of our know-how, the renewal of the equipment and the adoption of modern constructional methods, TEKMAR ATE guarantees for the quality and luxury of the constructions.