Особняк Treia, Италия, 450 м2

1 600 000 €

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Цена продажи 1 600 000 €
Площадь дома 450 м2
Всего комнат 19
Этажность 3
Адрес Италия, Treia


Wonderful Villa in Liberty Syle with a small panoramic tower. Beautifully designed with painted ceilings. Park with secular trees. Small annex and a well. Situated in a very peaceful place. About 2km from the historical town centre of Treia. Easily to reach from the main street, close to te motorway for the mountain and the sea. The property has a garden of 5000 m², a cellar of 80 m², a store room, a study, garage, balconies and terraces. Water, gas, and electric implants are law-compliant. Heater is centralized and there is air conditioner. The property may be purchased furnished. In very good conditions and ready to be used.
The most part of the municipal territory is characterised by a hilly landscape. This mountain zone stands out for the beauty of its landscape and the pleasant climate.
The city centre preserves the medieval aspect, with the boundary walls and its eight doors. The fortress of the Onglavina is, however, the most singular element. There are different buildings overlooking the scenographic square of the Repubblica: the Renaissance Town Hall, the Georgic Academy, the church and the convent of S. Filippo; on the only open side there is a marble balcony from which you have a marvellous view as far as the sea. In the territory of Treia there are many noble villas, some of which are very well kept, with parks and thickets of mediterranean vegetation.
Ref. 006-346
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Италия, Италия, Сан-Бенедетто дел Тронто, ул. Тоти, 72, 63039
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