Особняк LUXORY VILLA FOR SALE, Хорватия, 20000 м2

3 800 000 €

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Цена продажи 3 800 000 €
Площадь дома 20000 м2
Адрес Хорватия, LUXORY VILLA FOR SALE, Sibenik area


One of the most beautiful estates of Dalmatia -
the main villa on the Croatian Adriatic Sea coast,
the superlative homestead - now for sale.

The Residence is located in the beautiful Mid-Dalmatia, between the old town of Sibenik and the world-renowned Krka-Waterfalls. Famous bathing resorts and large marinas are within reach in only a few minutes by car. The clear glass-like Adriatic Sea is lined with numerous beautiful islands and bays.

• 20.000 square meters of cultured floor space
• Main building with a spacious terrace (approx. 140 m2), as well as a swimming pool
• Adjoining building (guest house)
• Small outbuilding
• Garage building with overhead doors (Swiss patent)
• Tournament-size tennis court, coating "Green Set" with quartz sand
• 20 solar panels (2 m2 each)
• 2 satellite dishes
• Exterior lightening (path and terrace)
• Irrigation plant

All buildings have been constructed in accordance with the constructions plans of a Swiss architect and the local site management has been realized according to Swiss standards. All appliances and materials have been imported from Switzerland. The systems (heating, swimming pool, irrigation etc.) are electronically controlled.

Main building (14,8 m x 11,0 m)

All floors of the whole main building are marmoreal.
Underfloor heating.
Ceilings with stucco work.
All chandeliers are made of Swarovski-Crystal.
Doors, windows, Venetian blinds as well as the fitted kitchen in massive oak, special design (joinery).

Ground floor
• Entrance hall, staircase to the top floor in the tower annexe (marble with an oak banister)
• Writing room
• Washing room with washing machine, tumble-drier, toilet, bidet and lavabo
• Parlour - dining room through an arch, with two terrace doors
• Kitchen with one terrace door, fitted kitchen with bar, glass ceramic stove, oven, microwave oven and dishwasher
• Storage room for food with icebox and freezer

Top floor
• 3 bedrooms (1 room with balcony).
• 2 bathrooms with bathtubs, toilet, bidet and lavabo. Walls of marble.
• Hallway with stairs, leading to the tower.

• Fitness room with steam bath, tile covered floor
• Heating room with diverse electronic control systems
• Central-heating boiler/Hot water boiler 5000 litres, coupled with solar panels
Additional technical specifications are available on request.

Terrace (approx. 140 m2)
• There are polished marble slabs all the way round the house
• Southwest point, capacious spot (entrance to parlour)
• Northeast point (entrance to kitchen) 2. Dining room
• A balustrade girds the terrace as well as the pool
• Exterior lightening on the balustrade (white candelabra)
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