Отель, гостиница Sibenik area, Хорватия, 80000 м2

19 000 000 €

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Цена продажи 19 000 000 €
Площадь 80000 м2
Адрес Хорватия, Sibenik area


The Hotel, the Camp and the Apartments in Šibenik area.
This tourist complex comprises hotel, apartment buildings and motor camp.
Two star category motor camp has 300 camp places, shop, washing room, outside light, hot water, electric power, bathroom and mooring for smaller ships.
The hotel Miran build in traditional dalmatian stile. It has three stars category and 71 rooms with total capacity of 146 beds. There are also restaurant with big terrace, aperitif bar, bar on the beach, pool and other accompanying contents. Every room has toilet, shower bath, cable television and telephone. Beside the hotel there are two tennis fields, the field-ball playground, the table-tennis playground and other recreation contents. Near to the hotel there is the nature park Vransko jezero which has 55 km long bicycle path.
Besides hotel there are also 28 apartments build as 14 semidetached houses with total capacity of 90 beds.
In season total capacity of this complex is more than 1000 people.
Total land area on which the hotel, the camp and the apartments are located is 80 000 sq.m.
There is possibility to build new buildings with tourist commercial purposes inside this complex.
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Телефон компании: Офисы компании:
США, 2120 Carey Ave., Cheyenne, WY 82001, USA
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