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Коммерческая недвижимость в Афинах, Греция, 585 м2

450 000 €

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Цена продажи 450 000 €
Цена за кв.м. 769.23 €
Площадь 585 м2
Адрес Греция, Афины

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Business for For Sale in Athens,Greece

Offered for sale building of 585 sq.m. on a plot of 146 sq.m. in the area of ​​Platonos Academy The Platonos Academy as a region is defined by the streets of Lenorman, Constantinople, Athens and the Athens-Lamia Highway. This is an area in the center of Athens, just 10 minutes from Omonia by car or bus. It got its name from the first university in the world, Plato's Academy. It is the well-known school of the philosopher Plato, who had been in the same place for nearly 900 years. The Academy in antiquity was named after the local hero Akadimos, who was considered the first settler in the area in antiquity. At the heart of it is the Archaeological Park of Platonos Academy (700 meters from the property, 8 minutes walk). It is a carefully thought out and fenced-in area, with gates always open. The entrance to the park isng the last century, archaeological excavations brought to light many remnants of buildings, dating from the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages. The remnants of these are found in space and most are free to approach them. Around them, there is a grove: trees, shrubs, green areas as well as sports and play areas. Among them, the daily life of locals who use it daily as a place of recreation or creativity, just as it was in Plato's time. On Sundays, it is especially vibrant with people trying to get away from the big city cement. The area has a good number of cafes and restaurants, so if you're looking for a stroll in downtown Athens, relaxed or thinking about food, Platonos Academy can offer it. More about the building: Basement - 146 sq.m. (Provision for 4 parking spaces with lift ramp) Ground floor - 28 sm (entrance of the building, plus 1 parking space and space for the lift ramp) First floor - 85 sq.m. 2nd floor - 85 sq.m. 3rd floor - 85 sq.m. 4th floor - 60 sq.m. 5th floor - 45 sq.m. 6th floor - 51 sq.m. The original provision of the building, as well as the license to use it, is for commercial the unfinished stage, however, it can be easily converted as well as changing residence permits. Property transfer tax is 3.09%

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