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Апартаменты в Умбрии, Италия, 285 м2

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Цена продажи 980 000 €
Цена за кв.м. 3 438.60 €
Всего комнат 6
Количество спален 3
Количество ванных 3
Площадь 285 м2
Этаж 1
Этажность 2
Дополнительные характеристики Новый дом
(Год постройки: 1600), Четырехкомнатные квартиры и более
Адрес Италия, Умбрия, Spoleto
Расположение в деревне

Компания: B. Spoleto Uno S.r.l.

Noblesse oblige

This elegant home is in the historic heart of Spoleto, only a short walk from the main points of historic and artistic interest, such as Piazza del Mercato (the ancient Roman forum), the Cathedral, Ponte delle Torri (Bridge of Towers), the Albornoziana Fortress, the Roman Theatre, Porta Fuga, and all the theatres and other venues which host the famous international Festival dei Due Mondi, or Two World Festival. In addition to its great historic and artistic importance, the centre of Spoleto also contains many shops and all the main public and private services, ensuring that it retains its renowned lively atmosphere and is rich in cultural events throughout the year. Being in the very centre of Italy and with its good road, rail and air links, all the main cities of Umbria and the rest of Italy are easily reached from Spoleto.

A brief history
This splendid apartment forms part of what is believed to have been one of the ancient towers of Spoleto, owned by one of the town's noble families. In the 12th century, Spoleto was raided by the troops of Frederick I, or Barbarossa, and the tower was partially destroyed, set on fire and reduced in height. It was later rebuilt, but to a lower level, as in its current layout. In the course of the centuries, the tower complex changed hands on numerous occasions and was divided up, modernised and modified into the form we can see today.

Description and features
​This prestigious apartment has been tastefully and stylishly restructured, with materials of the very finest quality. It has its own exclusive entrance door on the ground floor and a private lift. It has a number of public rooms, which are reached from an entrance hall. These highly impressive rooms have ancient, 16th century fireplaces, and 6 metre high, painted, panelled ceilings enriched with a variety of ornamental motifs and inlays. Beautiful mezzanine floors have been created in some of the rooms, one of them forming an imposing dining room, facing onto the public room below. On the same level, there are two double bedrooms, including the master bedroom with its own en-suite bathroom and a wardrobe area on a raised platform which runs around the whole room. The master bedroom also has a fine panelled ceiling, decorated in dark and gilded shades. The second floor contains the kitchen, a large terrace covering around 30 m2, the dining room, a small lounge, another double bedroom and the bathroom facilities.

Finally, the unique flooring throughout the apartment is made of iroko hardwood, with its warm, subtle colouring. This can be found virtually throughout the apartment, from the public rooms to the bedrooms.
There is abundant natural light everywhere in the apartment, due to its excellent position and the large, generous windows in all the rooms.

    Инфраструктура и оснащение дома или жилого комплекса:

  • лифт
  • магазины
  • Характеристики квартиры:

  • Полностью отремонтировано
  • Вид на горы
  • Чистовая отделка
  • Не меблирована
  • Есть балкон / терраса
  • Газовое отопление
  • Охранная сигнализация
  • Подключение к телефонной сети

ID объекта на сайте компании: Noblesse Oblige
Дата последнего обновления: 01.05.2017
Количество просмотров: 242

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