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Апартаменты в Умбрии, Италия, 350 м2

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Цена продажи 1 750 000 €
Цена за кв.м. 5 000 €
Всего комнат 7
Количество спален 4
Количество ванных 3
Площадь 350 м2
Этаж 1
Этажность 1
Дополнительные характеристики Четырехкомнатные квартиры и более
Адрес Италия, Умбрия, Spoleto

Компания: B. Spoleto Uno S.r.l.

Patrician House

This prestigious apartment is in the very heart of Spoleto, in the upper central area, and is located in one of the finest squares in town, a short walk from all the most important cultural and artistic sites, such as the ancient Roman forum which is still the pulsating heart of Spoleto today, the main avenue running through the town, the Arch of Druso, dating back to 23 AD, and the cathedral. The property is also close to all the venues which host the various events held in Spoleto, the most renowned of which is the international Festival Dei Due Mondi, or Two World Festival.
A brief history
The history of this apartment is closely linked to that of the building in which it's situated. Dating back to the 16th century, it was built over the remains of an ancient Roman construction. In the course of the centuries, the apartment and building have been enriched by decorations in the form of murals and paintings, and have decorated wooden ceilings and panels. This has been the residence of counts and countesses, and has hosted illustrious patrons of Papal Rome. The property is inexorably bound up with the history of Spoleto, and has been passed from one noble family to another in the course of the generations.

One of these families took particular care of the property and made a series of improvements, which even included the transformation of the garden in the square outside the building, which is still visible today.
The nineteenth century historian Luparini commented on the building as follows:
“A large apartment building with rusticated, round-arched door and architrave windows in the main facade …… Inside, there is a spacious corridor with a good stairway. The rooms, with their vaulted ceilings and panelling, are noble, with fine paintings and furnishings, including a frescoed Madonna in the Spanish style….. Underneath the building there are fragments of a Roman construction, and there is a mosaic floor, partly in marble, under the adjacent square ….”

Description and features
This magnificent apartment occupies a large part of the main floor of the building in which it is located, and covers an area in the region of 350 m2.
Stepping into this apartment is like making a leap into the history of Italy and the splendour of ancient Spoleto and the families who lived here.
All the rooms are frescoed and have fully painted vaulted ceilings. The apartment is decorated virtually throughout, and the overall effect is extremely harmonious and attractive. There are many trompe l'oeil motifs in a natural theme, with luxuriant landscapes and romantic gardens reminiscent of Botticelli, with fauns, cherubs and zephyrs. With its high ceilings and large windows, the apartment is very bright and airy.
The wooden ceilings are painted with floral motifs. The original floors are partly made of gilded ebony, undoubtedly the work of a master cabinet maker, and partly mosaic, creating an impression of movement and adding yet another unique touch to the apartment.
The bright, spacious entrance hall has a large French window leading onto a charming terrace which, while intimate and private, is big enough for everyday use. Nearly all the public rooms have their own fireplaces. The four spacious bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms with shower. The kitchen, with its original tiled flooring, also has a large fireplace and wood-burning stove.
The original doors of the apartment are painted and frequently cut into the walls and incorporated in the frescoes.
The apartment has a very spacious cellar below the kitchen, in which a goods hoist or lift could be installed to link the ground floor with the living accommodation.

Materials and finishings
The apartment contains outstanding works of art and frescoes from a number of historic periods. The fabric covered red lounge has a splendid panelled ceiling from the 18th century and an original, painted 17th century cornice.

The panelled and vaulted ceilings of the other rooms date back to the 18th century, retain their original splendour and are in a perfect state of conservation.
The mosaic floors show different versions of the compass rose design.
The fireplaces all have travertine stone structures enriched with multicoloured marble inlays, with a particularly fine example in the main public room.
The lower sections of the walls in some rooms, including the public rooms and bedrooms, are decorated and enriched with multicoloured marble and sandstone slabs forming geometric patterns.
The heating and plumbing systems comply with the current regulations and a modern methane gas boiler is installed. All the other fixtures and installations are in line with the most modern standards and in perfect operating condition.

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