Особняк в Санта-Маргерита-Лигуре, Италия, 700 м2

15 000 000 €

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Цена продажи 15 000 000 €
Площадь дома 700 м2
Площадь участка 7000 м2
Этажность 3
Адрес Италия, Санта-Маргерита-Лигуре
Расположение у моря

Вторичная недвижимость


The Romitaggio was built at the turn of the century in the eclectic style, for the owner who was part of the smart literary set around Gabriele D'Annunzio, the construction followed Tuscan influences and is elaborate and highly worked. The Castle evolves over three floors, with high ceilings, elaborate stained glass windows and painted ceilings.
The main bedrooms have large balconies overlooking the sea and the house extends over 700 sqm.
There are some other buildings in the park for a further 100 sqm which can be redeveloped, to create a possible guest house. The park extends over 7000 sqm with fine gazebos, and extensive pergolas.
Central to the garden is a tower, for watching the sea, known as il Torre dei Pensieri, (Thinker's Tower). The view of the sea which is immediately below the house, permeates all of the garden, there are fine view across the Bay of San Michele di Pagana to the Castle of the Knights of Malta.
There is direct access from the garden to the beach below.
Nearest airport: Genova ( 30 minutes )
Portofino: 10 minutes by car
Santa Margherita: 5 minutes by car
Rapallo: (2 minutes distance)
- golf course with 18 holes
- tennis courts
- yacht club

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Италия, Sanremo, Корсо Императриче, 2 Санремо, 18038 Италия
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Ирина Александрова владелец
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