Земля Postira, Хорватия, 11534 м2

4 600 000 €

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Цена продажи 4 600 000 €
Площадь участка 11534 м2
Адрес Хорватия, Postira


An attractive land provided for construction of a hotel on the sea, in Postira on the island of Brač. Building land is equipped communal (electricity, water, sewage, telephone and connection to the main road). There is already preliminary design of the hotel, which is accepted by the municipality in the detailed urban plan (UPU). According to the spatial conditions is determined purpose T1 which is building a hotel with supporting facilities, commercial, service, sporting, recreational and entertainment purpose. Provided capacity is 200 rooms, indoor and outdoor pools, Spa, fitness center, conference hall, catering and etc. The hotel would be spread over three floors with superstructure. There is possibility of conversion. There is a principled consent of the county authority that the owner obtain a concession for the mooring of ships on the existing bridge in front of the field. The great advantage of this project on the island of Brač is that it is in the vicinity of the airport, which strengthens the position of this island as all stronger receptive market.
Custom ID: 450
Contact: Mara Miloš,, +385 98 923 6402
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Хорватия, Пореч, Istrian воды 1, 52440 Пореч
Тел.: +385989236402
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