Коммерческая недвижимость DN2, Ilfov, Румыния, 50000 м2

24 000 000 €

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Цена продажи 24 000 000 €
Площадь 50000 м2
Адрес Румыния, DN2, Ilfov, N-E of Bucharest


Offices Class A production and storage space
Production space with a total surface of 21.566 sqm ( buildings A,B,C,D,E) situated on a 50.000 sqm plot.
Offices build to the latest european standards, total surface 3.715 sqm
Year of construction: 2007
Luxury office furnitures
The buildings have all the utilities:gas,electricity 220/380V, office and commercial parkingspace , modern sewrage sistem,high performance air filtering sistems,video monitoring, fire extinguishing sistems (inside and outside)
Location: highly developed area, public transportation,gas stationes, etc.
Nabering proprety: industrial warehouses, commercial centers,up to date logistic network
The buildings are currently rented to many top brands like AlfaRomeo, Neoset, GresdeGres,Etc.
Rent income today: about 190.000Euro
Selling price is set at: 24000000 Euro for the entire logistical park.
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Телефон компании: Офисы компании:
Румыния, Bd. Ion Mihalache, nr.42-52,Bucharest, Romania
Тел.: 0040726260260
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