Особняк в Приморско, Болгария, 48.89 м2

56 225 €

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Цена продажи 56 225 €
Цена за кв.м. 1 150 €
Площадь дома 48.89 м2
Всего комнат 1
Адрес Болгария, Приморско

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The town of Primorsko is a favourite destination to thousands of tourists who come here from all parts of the world every summer season. Primorsko is attractive with its favorable climate, beautiful nature.
The town of Primorsko is situated on a small peninsula between the Stamopolo and the Diavolski (Devil's) bays. The landscape is varied and picturesque, a combination of thick forests, large coast beaches and exotic vegetation. Half of the town's beach consists of preserved dunes. The nature reserve Ropotamo, known for its rock phenomena is situated on the territory of the town. The Ropotamo river and the Diavolska River cross the town and some 6 kilometres away is the remarkable Maslen cape.
The residential complex located in the town of Primorsko, consists of four separate blocks (A, B, C, D) and another building of four bodies (E, I, G, J). Òhe underground floor is for administrative use and an underground parking in block E. On the ground floor (1st) of block A there are: two stores, children’s plàyroom, entrance hall and security premises. There are 20 one and three- room apartments from the second to the fifth floor and two duplex apartments on floors six and seven. There are 22 apartments in blocks B, C, D and there are 5 apartments on each floor and two duplex apartments on the fifth and sixth floor. Two playrooms are to be built between block C and block D. Òhere is an end –wall between blocks E and H. There will be 28 apartments-five on each floor and three on the sixth. The residential blocks I, G and J are connected with hotel part and on the ground floor there is a reception hall, a restaurant and a kitchen. The staircase in blocks I and J also leads to blocke are 92 residential apartments.
It is a monolith, reinforced concrete construction. All structures are properly anchored with anchor bolts for a better protection against earthquakes.
The complex is situated closest to the coastline of the Primorsko resort – 50 meters from the beach and with 208 apartments and a 4-star hotel for 390 guests at its disposal. The residents have access to all entertainment options in the complex. The all-year round security and maintenance allow for your leaving at the end of the season without thinking about the out-of-season property management. The unique Bulgarian sales conditions and the current pricing make the complex an interesting investment opportunity.
The area of the complex is 11.000 sq.m., including:
• Outdoor swimming pools;
• Children playgrounds;
• R
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Болгария, ul.khan Asparuh 13
Тел.: +359895433777
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georgi atanasov
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