Квартира в Царево, Болгария, 40 м2

58 700 €

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Цена продажи 58 700 €
Площадь 40 м2
Адрес Болгария, Царево


This complex is a luxurious apartment complex which is located in comfortable and easy for access to the beach place in Tzarevo, situated on the South Bulgarian Black sea coastline, at 60 km. south of Burgas.
The complex includes 1 ground floor and 5 residential floors. The building offers a choice of 1 or 2–rooms apartments which vary in size 40 and 120 sq. m.
They are separated into three sections and each section has a separate elevator and luxuriously finished common spaces.
The complex is luxuriously finished out with: Outer silicate plaster, produced by CARAPOL, CHEMIPLAST and BAUMIT PVC profile system joinery of multi-pane windows air-conditioned common areas covered with Spanish granito grass and Italian technical marble, luxurious elevators with automatic sliding doors.
The apartments will be offered with Cable TV, phone and internet connection.
Комментарии к адресу: TSAREVO II, TSAREVO II
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