Земля в Банско, Болгария, 6516 м2

1 500 000 €

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Цена продажи 1 500 000 €
Площадь участка 6516 м2
Адрес Болгария, Банско


For sell: A plot area located in Ovinache area, Bansko
Ovinache area is the third hotel zone at the town of Bansko.
At this area will be built luxurious and up – date hotels and holiday
plot area is located in the foot of National Park Pirin with magnificent
view towards Pirin Mountains and Bansko and 6516 sq.m common area.
Construction permission is forthcoming; the plot area is close to Ovinache Resort Village. Price: 220EUR/ sq.m.
This property is located in Bansko, in Blagoevgrad, in Bulgaria.
Bansko is 160 km away from Sofia and about 50 km from the Greece, on the Glazne River at an altitude of 925 m. It is precisely this altitude that makes Bansko an ideal all-seasons resort. Good place for investment in real estate. Bansko is on its way to become the best ski-resort not only in Bulgaria, but also in Eastern Europe. Photos
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