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Земля Pachna, Кипр, 5 017 м2

220 000 €

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Цена продажи 220 000 €
Площадь участка 5 017 м2
Адрес Кипр, Pachna


Residential Land in Pachna, Limassol

This large plot of 5,017m2 has a building density of 25% and a coverage of 15% allowing 2 floors with height 8.3. The plot has a large frontal facade on road and has water and electricity.

Property Details
* For Sale
* Property Type: Land
* Property Subtype: Residential
* Location: Limassol, Pachna, Cyprus
* Price: €220,000 Plus VAT
* VAT: Plus
* Loan Installment: €988

If you wish to borrow from a bank, please find above indication of the loan installment with the assumptions used below.

Loan Installment Calculations:


Closing Price: €220,000

Own Contribution (35%): €77,000

Loan Amount (65%): €143,000

Interest rate: 3%

Years of repayment: 15 years Zone (ie. H2): H6a
Zone type: Residential
Building density (%): 25
Coverage ratio (%): 15
Floor allowance: 2
Title deed or under separation: title
A large plot in a sought after village offering views of the surrounding areas.


Телефон компании: Офисы компании:
Кипр, Пафос, Пафос
Контактное лицо:
Julie Papanicolaou
Возможно общение на языках: русский, английский
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