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Земля в Куке, Кипр, 5 426 м2

150 000 €

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Цена продажи 150 000 €
Площадь участка 5 426 м2
Адрес Кипр, Кука


For Sale Residential Land in Kouka for €

For Sale Residential Land in Kouka for €150,000

Residential land in a quiet and purely residential area in Kouka village in Limassol.
The property has irregular shape and sloping towards the northeast. It abuts to point onto a public registered road along its southeastern and northeastern boundary with frontage of approximately 10 meters.
The locality of the property is characterized by a beautiful natural environment.

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Телефон компании: Чат в мессенджере: Офисы компании:
Кипр, Limassol, 106 Griva Digeni, Nea Polis, Madonna Building, Offices 1-7 3101 Limassol Cyprus
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