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Земля в Лимасоле, Кипр, 17 394 м2

4 000 000 €

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Цена продажи 4 000 000 €
Площадь участка 17 394 м2
Адрес Кипр, Лимасол


For Sale Residential Land in Limassol for 

For Sale Residential Land in Limassol for €4,000,000

The area is 17,394 square meters. There is extra coverage (sintelesti apo diatiriteo) which will be arranged by the new owners. It consists of of 33 properties,13 villas with own plots of 340m2 up to 490m2 and 20 project is situated near the new marina in Zygi (approximately 400 meters away) and it is across the road from the sea. (appr. 130 meters from the beach). Price includes all expenses made up to date (fees of architect up to the first building permission, 3 d animation plans). From 5.250.000 to 4.000.000 euro for quick sale.

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Телефон компании: Чат в мессенджере: Офисы компании:
Кипр, Limassol, 106 Griva Digeni, Nea Polis, Madonna Building, Offices 1-7 3101 Limassol Cyprus
Контактное лицо:
Elen Aristeidu
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