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Projekt Gradnja d.o.o

О компании Projekt Gradnja d.o.o

GRADNJA d.o.o. Osijek is the legal successor to the company GP Gradnja Osijek established in 1946. Today, GRADNJA is undoubtedly the technological leader in promoting latest construction engineering technologies and warranting the realization of the most complex and demanding challenges in modern construction practice with the experience and skills of more than 650 of its professionals, guided by expert engineering knowledge and self-sufficient technical and technological resources. GRADNJA gradually, year in and year out, records a constant growth of annual gross realization per average rate of 10% in high-rise construction as a subclass of its business activity this being the result of systematic investment in equipment and technology leading to the successful implementation of the business strategy of sustainablellence as a brand of GRADNJA is a synergetic effect of sixty years of tradition and knowledge in the implementation of modern technology and the choice of equipment and technology in recent business practice of GRADNJA represents a unique transfer of the best business practices from European construction sites. Overcoming the impossibility of employing its business capacities on the local market dominated by fragmented post-war reconstruction, GRADNJA, with its contingent of relocated workers, foremen and engineers, initiated a continuous process of learning in all the segments of business, thus building a strong technical and technological external framework supported by tried-and-tested leaders in the manufacturing of construction equipment.