Квартира Offida, Италия, 90 м2

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Цена продажи 140 000 €
Всего комнат 2
Площадь 90 м2
Этаж 2
Дополнительные характеристики Двухкомнатная квартира
Адрес Италия, Offida

Компания: Centro Servizi Piceni

Офисы компании:

Контактное лицо: Marina Nemkovych

Situated right in the town center of Offida, completely and beautifully restored flat for sale.
Second floor of 90 m² composed of 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, eat-in kitchen and spacious living room with fireplace.
Electricity and Water are already present and heating is autonomous
Located on a spur on the left side of the low Tronto valley, Offida is both important for its remarkable artistic and monumental heritage, and for trade and industrial activities connected to agricultural production. Craftwork includes the pillow lace and Offida is the capital of this so-called “minor” art.
Offida has pre-historic origins, and it was also dominated by Romans (the name seemingly stems from the Etruscan word Ophyte).Offida is also rich in monuments bearing witness to its ancient past.

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