Дом Acquapendente, Италия, 1000 м2

4 200 000 €

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Цена продажи 4 200 000 €
Площадь дома 1000 м2
Адрес Италия, Acquapendente


An age-old villa found on Via Cassia, an important road that connects Rome to Florence, in the northern part of the region of Lazio, almost at the border of Toscana. 2 kilometres west, across a long road full of linden trees which give shade during the summer, a plateau is found 600 m high. On its border lies Villa Tifanny whose name came from its old owners Tina and Fanny.
The property is currently owned by a noble and old family and is found in the town of Acquapendente, in a territory called Valtieri – archaeological area which residents are mostly Etruscan population.
Rich with medieval and Etruscan artefacts, this 800’s construction has about 20 rooms and a tower. There is another building next to it of the same dimension used for services, residence for the workers and stables for horses. This piece of real estate is completed by a small stylish church and another edifice which acts as greenhouse or garage.
On the ground floor of the main building there are rooms for the living room with a big fireplace and numerous windows and a bright kitchen completely working. On the first floor there is a main room completely decorated with old paintings, 5 bedrooms, 2 big bathrooms and a stairway leading to the tower. Every room has beautifully decorated ceilings.
Even with the moderate altitude it’s like being on top of the world. The surrounding panorama is composed of the hills and the valleys until the lake of Bolsena in the south. On the east are the Apennine Mountains and Mount Rufeno covered with the forests in which typical birds, deer and wild boars live and where it is possible to go hunting any season. On the North runs the valley of the river of Paglia and Mount Amiata can be seen where it is possible to go skiing during the winter. Mount Amiata is also known for its many sources of geothermic energy. The olive oil produced on its slopes is well-known. Plants for orchid cultivation are also famous and can be visited.
The villa is surrounded by an enclosed park for a total of 37 ha composed of the meadows and the woods which look like they were created for marvellous strolls by foot or on horse. In fact, there are different rings for the property is located on the borders of Maremma rich of horse breedings. There are also racing facilities. The area is near urban settlements of relevant historical and cultural importance but the property seems isolated and silence rules. In the park there are important Etruscan tombs, age-old trees, flowers, staircases and even a beautiful modern swimming pool. Etruscan artefacts inside the property are still to be explored and it is possible to make ulterior excavations with, of course, the permission of the government office in charge.
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