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Дом в Нормандии, Франция

255 000 €

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Цена продажи 255 000 €
Адрес Франция, Нормандия


Beautiful 178m2 longere with a recent 70m2 outbuilding, including a veranda, a fitted kitchen, a 38m2 living room with a fireplace, on the ground floor 3 bedrooms, a large bathroom, a separate toilet, a laundry room. Upstairs 2 bedrooms, an independent toilet. Beautiful garden of 1177m2, a garage with attic fitted with a motorized door, double glazed wood carpentry, electric and wood heating. Land 885 euros / year. Fees charged to seller Commercial agent To receive more information about this property and to be put in touch directly with our local agent, Marie Hoarau, please fill in the form below.


Телефон компании: Офисы компании:
Франция, Paris, 183 avenue Charles de Gaulle
Контактное лицо:
Matthieu Cany
Возможно общение на языках: русский, английский, французский
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